Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mustang Seats Best Choice For You're Ride

We'll Rider's... I stand corrected... It seems in the world of motorcycle seats, there is an "Undisputed Champion" for price,comfort, and overall satisfaction.... it's "Mustang Seats"
I recently had a chance from being on the road filming to take some time and get some breeze on the knee's and before I headed out thought I'd install the New "Wide Touring Seat" I just received from Mustang Seats and see exactly what difference I could experience from this upgrade?

Once I got the seat mounted (which was sooper easy, pretty much plug-n-play) on my Honda VT750C Shadow Aero Cruiser I headed out from Orlando, FL to blow the pipes out... and WOW!!!! What A Difference A Great Seat Make's - I was planning to stop along the way about 1hr. into the ride to take a "Back & Butt Break" to ease  the pain of riding with the OEM Stock Honda seat.... But NO WAY Kid's Not Needed -This Time I Rode all the way to Wildwood, FL ( 3+ hrs from my start) and wasn't even Close to being fatigued in any way?  No "Numb Butt" No Pain So I kept riding! in fact all the way to Gainesville, FL another Hr &1/2- Still No Issues? I then turned around & rode back to Orlando straight thru with again no stops & got home after 6+ hrs. riding and honestly was ready to head out again! ;) Schaweet! Here's Their Website to Check Em' Out 
I am so Impressed by the Quality, Price & Ride Experience I am going to dedicate a full segment in an upcoming ASTV Episode to Showcase this Awesome Product. Here are some "Before" & "After" Pics with the New Mustang Seat. Way Cool Add to My Ride! ;) Tim/ASTV "It's All About The Ride"         We'll See You On The Open Road Soon! Hit Us Up! on facebook at and and Watch Each week Coast to Coast on Dish CH266, TUFFTV, Untamed SportsTV , Angel Two, The WalkTV, and ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX & Cable Affiliates in Select U.S. Cities and "Clear VisionTV" in Major Airports/Terminals for Rider's on The Go! - Download our  "Free" Mobile App on iTunes/Droid Platforms for the Best In Motorcycle Information & more...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 Million Bikers To DC and American Spirit TV Celebrate America Sept 11, 2013

While on our "Ride For America Across The South" episode filming tour featuring small towns and local business communities in hometown america.... we began to receive emails from our viewers bringing our attention to a Great Happening for America!! "2 Million Bikers To DC" Ride to Washington, DC scheduled for 9/11/2013. Whereas the National Motorcycle Community was organizing a "Peaceful Ride & Tribute" to Honor First Responders, U.S. Military, and The Families affected by Sept 11th, 2001- We began our research of this event and found that Riders from Across The Country were getting on board, and the event was gaining ground in becoming an awesome display of American Patriots coming together for a wonderful display of God, Honor, and Country in A Tribute To Our Nations Heroes.

With no budget in place for this event, time passing quickly, and less than 10 days to plan.... We shifted gears and we're compelled to do whatever possible to attend and film for America the pride,resolve, and passion of The American Spirit! We reached out to our sponsor/advertiser base to help us fund this costly project and unfortunately were met with a complete lack of interest? but with the support of only a handful of "True American Patriot Sponsors" ( Vets Rock, CapRag, UltraCool, TA Travel Centers, Angel City Rally, GA & HogSwipe Detailing Products) We pressed on and decided though budgets were tight "WE" at the "American Spirit" TV Series would absorb the remaining cost to produce ASTV "Series Specials" for the world to see this awesome experience.... (and as independent producers without huge network budget dollars backing us had to stretch well above & beyond to see this project come to pass financially and still have challenges ahead) and We Are Proud To Do So! Our Nation, Military & Veterans, and The Families affected by Sept 11th 2001 Are Well Worth Our Sacrifice!

We are Please To Report There Was...  No Drama, Violence, or Issues observed during our filming on 9/11/2013 only over 1.4Million Biker's and American Flag's Waving For Miles throughout Washington, DC , Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the surrounding states - and we have over 6 hours of "HD" Tape to document "America Strong" while as Bikers & Non Biker Patriot's were Peacefully Honoring The Brave Souls lost on 9/11/2001

 I have never been "More Proud To be An American" and "An American Biker" this day in history. We are pressing forward to produce (2) 1/2 Hr "American Spirit" Series Specials and (1) 1-Hr Documentary in the upcoming months. Our 1st ASTV "series special" is scheduled to Air Mid  November 2013 across all networks airing our programming in over 80M U.S. Households, in over 200 markets, in Top 25 DMA cities onCoast to Coast on Sky Angel, TUFFTV, Untamed SportsTV, Dish Network, The WalkTV, FAVETV, to include our ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX DirecTV & Cable Affiliates in "Select U.S. Cities" - Thereafter, we will launch this content Worldwide via our programming partners globally to include OmniverseTV, Roku, FilmON, YouTube, AOL.TV & more... We will also have on our ASTV "Free" Mobile App on iTunes/Droid for Smartphones,Tablets,Pads and to our ClearChannel Networks "ClearVisionTV" Broadcasts in major U.S. Airports & Terminals.

 DVD, and "Blue Ray" HD program copies will also be made available before year end 2013 for all to enjoy this wonderful experience for themselves. It is our sincere desire at "American Spirit TV"  to keep the "American Spirit" alive well beyond the 9/11/2013 "2MBTDC" Ride, but  in every Americans Daily Life as a Positive and Uplifting Moment  where we all came together "without incident" and Celebrated America!

With each weekly episode of our Nat'l TV series "American Spirit" we strive to bring the true heart and passion of the motorcycle rider to our programming without our conforming to the demands for us produce drama, soap opera, "staged" reality style programming... and we will continue to do so and grow our show and viewership step by step across network platforms which air programs of quality,integrity, and passion.

Feel free to stop by our show website and hit us up on our facebook page at and twitter

Till We Meet Again, "It's All About The Ride"....
Be Safe, Be Cool, Be Blessed

With Much Respect,

Sunday, March 31, 2013

CapRag Rider Head Gear - ROCKS!!

We'll Riders Riding Season is just ahead, and if you're like me there Will Be "Knee's in The Breeze" for many miles ahead, and some Much Needed "Wind Therapy" on The Open Road.
We have recently added a New Media Partner and Kick'in Rider Product for our Nat'l TV Series "American Spirit" and we're way glad we did! "CapRag"

We take it quite seriously when adding a New Product to our show, and this product was put through it's pace's and passed with Flying Colors!! "CapRag" is NOT A DO RAG, it's a HAT and extremely we'll made and comes in an array of radical designs sure to please any rider's passion and expression. There's also "CapRag"  colors and styles for the lady rider's too!
      Unlike the flimsy, cheap, and quikly washed out design Do Rags you're used to wasting you're hard earned cash $$$  on... "CapRag" is sturdy,well made, and stay's on your head and will last for many months ahead, year after year!!  On or Off Road, With or Without A Helmet if you're looking to "Express Yourself" and the Rider Lifestyle! with Lighweight, and Easy to Slip On Fun!! "CapRag" has got you covered. You can ride around,lounge,play,work around the house, or at work "CapRag" will be your ultimate choice headwrap. and... It Works! by absorbing sweat, and stay's on your head at speed's over 100 MPH and more importantly The Ladie's Dig Em' ;) We also especially noticed "CapRag" keeps your head cool in the Summer, and warm in the Winter. We also have selected this product over many other similar brands to be the "Exclusive HeadWear Provider for the "American Spirit" TV Series!!

"Caprag" has also set up Special Promotional Discount Pricing for ASTV Viewer's and Friends...Be sure to watch for our ASTV Logo Image on the "CapRag" website on the "Shop Page" to connect to this great offer! and if you're looking for custom designs for your rider club,business, or other they'll be glad to hook you up with "CapRags" with you're logo or brand designs. Comming Soon! we'll also have our "ASTV Tribal Brand Image" from our program on "CapRags" TOO!! for you to help promote our Biker TV Series in your travels!

We'll it's time to garb our "CapRags" & Hit The Road Filming another Kick'in Episode of the "American Spirit" TV Series. Be Sure to Connect with "CapRag" and "American Spirit" TV at our website Hit Us Up! on Face Book and "Like" Us to stay connected with all News,Press,Travels & Media Info for our programming adventures!!  Watch "American Spirit" TV Coast to Coast Weekly on Dish Network,TUFFTV,Untamed SportsTV,Sky Angel, FAVE TV, and ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX DirecTV and Cable Affiliates in select U.S. Cities- Check you're local listings for more. Download our Free App     on iTunes/Droid Worldwide for Tablets/Pads/Smartphones...  "It's All About The Ride"

Till Next Time, Ride Safe & Often!
with Much Respect.... Tim Alan Host/ASTV

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Angel City Fall Rally 2012

We'll Rider's... Here's the story of a "Real Deal" Rally! - The "American Spirit" TV Nat'l  Motorcycle Series was on the road in Unadilla, GA Off I-75 just below Warner Robbins & Perry GA to film this awesome event for one of our television series episodes... and believe me "Angel City" ROCKS! I've been riding scooters most of my adult life & been to many rally's and "Angel City" is bar none the best! we've been to filming, or otherwise... with 7 years & 14- prior rally's under their belt Wayne & Dawn got it going on! ...without all the drama & issues as with many rally's, and the launching an attack on rider's wallets.... there's none of that here, you will have a great time! meeting new friends, enjoying kick'in bands, games, & entertainment and a ton of vendor's & trick bikes by the hundred's all in a safe environment. Once you're at the rally there's no need to leave, they have everything you need on site. Plenty of RV Hook-up Space, or Primitive Camping, Food & Fun! Though they have (2) Rally's per year Spring & Fall this location is available year round for your biker weddings, meet-ups, poker run's & more...

There are way too many things to list in this short blog for me to explain how kick'in this rally is so the best thing to do is check out their website for more  and make you're plans to check out their Spring or Fall Rally 2013 and you'll definitely be glad you did!

And serving military and veterans you'll also receive Wayne's welcome & "Veterans Tribute" to Honor Your Dedication & Service to our Great Nation! Nuff said ;) It's time for ALL "Steel Horse Cowboy's" ( &     CowGirl's ) to Saddle Up!  Head Out!  and get to "Angel City" and we'll see you there soon!
With Much Respect, Ride Safe & Often...
Hit Us Up on our Website & Catch Our Program Coast to Coast on the Networks!  "It's All About The Ride"  
Tim Alan/ASTV

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trick'in You're Ride Pt-2

We'll the Jury's in... Here are some pics from the "Hypercharger" & "DragPipe" Upgrades- Verdict? Guiulty of too much chrome!! ;) Yep I confess... this upgrade ROCKS!! Way Cool Changes to My Ride. We'll worth the time and minimal cost to trick out this Honda VT750C Shadow Aero, without taking on "Bike Payments" for a New Ride. The overall cost was just under $800 and all the parts we're from "Cruiser Customizing" and I'm way pleased with more power, better sound, & pretty much having a whole new bike! Sooooo maybe? it's time for you to make some upgrades on you're ride vs bike payments? Maybe this blog update will give you some ideas to help you with saving $ and dressin' up your bike soon! The power and looks of the "Kuryakin Hypercharger" and "Vance & Hines" Straighshots HS is Radical and Affordable, took a day 1/2, and didn't break the bank ;) Ck out more video's on Be sure to check out our website at for more rider tips, video's, & more... "Like Us" on and watch weekly episodes of "American Spirit" Coast to Coast on Dish CH266, TUFFTV, LEGACYTV, Sky Angel CH102, FAVETV CH153 and worldwid via our "Free" Mobile App on iTunes,Droid for Smartphones,Tablets,Pads... and Be Sure to Use Our Discount Code "ASTV5" from "Cruiser Customizing" for Big Savings! $$ on parts for Metric, Harley, & Goldwing. Till Next Time.... "Ride Safe & Often" It's All About The Ride - Catch The Spirit!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Buy New Or Trick Out You're Ride?

Hey Riders! planning to buy a new ride soon? and maybe the "money tree" is a bit shy on fruit! Consider some affordable  "Dress Up" parts or other things you can do to add a new look, feel, and performance for your current ride. If you're like me money isn't falling from the skies these days... so I need to think thru stuff like buying a new bike, or just trickin mine out! at the moment there are a ton of cool bike's I'd love to have but I've chosen to put a little cash into my Honda VT750C Shadow Aero Cruiser...

Though I have really pleased with my bike, it's time for some cool new stuff! I started with some pinstripe accents from "Chris Criz Artistry" for under a $100 made some nice accents to the bike! and Chris' Work ROCKS!! Way Cool New Look to the bike...

You can check out Chris' work at next I'm moving on to a Kuryakin Hypercharger and Vance & Hines Straightshots HS Drag Pipes.... Yeah Baby! that's what I'm talkin bout :) should cost just under $600- I'll have some new pics next blog for you to check out! and by the way "if" you're looking for the best price, fast ship, & great selection of parts... I've been using "Cruiser Customizing" for years alway's really pleased!! ck out for more info. If you find something you like be sure to use our Discount Code "ASTV5" for great prices :) Watch "American Spirit" Cycle Series Coast to Coast on Dish Network,LegacyTV,Untamed SportsTV,Sky Angel,TUFFTV & More.... "It's All About The Ride"

Till next time ck us our on and "like" us on  "It's All About The Ride"...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Biker Friendly Warm Springs, GA

Hey Rider's! If you're looking for a great place to plan a group ride or event... check out this cool location in Warm Springs, GA called "Biker Village" & "Art In Motion" Motorcycle Museum. We filmed an "American Spirit" episode there a few months back and had a great time!! say Hi! to Preston for us ;) and be sure to connect with our friend "Dan" at the X-Treme Rider Store in town for all your rider accessory needs... Great Folks, Great Times!! "Good People" Here's a link to the website and

Ton's of history in the area and killer rides & routes nearby... the food in town is pretty good as well. I'd recommend the BBQ & Thai Food in the village area... and the Merriwether Inn is an affordable clean place to stay if you're staying overnite!

Each Week in our blog we'll be sharing locations & events we've filmed in our travels across the U.S. filming our weekly motorcycle series programs to help you connect with the open road for good times, good friends and more... stop by our website  and hit us up on facebook "It's All About The Ride"

See ya! out there....